The Brave Penny Story

The Brave Penny Nonprofit organization was founded to support those who grieve and the name Brave Penny was suggested by our co-founder, Heather Rodriguez. “Brave,” for the courage of those who seek healing and recovery from a loss that has caused heartache and disruption in their life.  “Penny” was Sharon Fox’s sister who was murdered in 1996.  Sharon and her family were shocked not only by the violent death of her sister, but the conviction of Penny's husband.  This event prompted the creation of the ministry for Brave Penny, with a mission to Embrace Those Who Grieve.

Brave Penny exists to serve those who have had losses not only from the death of a parent, spouse, sibling, adult child or infant, but also other forms of grief.  Those losses can include the grief experienced by Birthmothers who have chosen adoption for their child, abortion, a broken relationship, death of a pet, or a shattering traumatic event.  The decision to seek a Christian pathway to contentment is difficult.  But, when those who grieve take steps to heal their broken heart, there can be a genuine sense of restored joy.

Training and Support Sessions

Programs Available (In-Person or Online via Zoom)

A variety of programs are available to provide support and healing of individuals and families who experience grief resulting from loss of a loved one, or any type of significant loss. Some of the programs are available in-person and some are provided online via Zoom. For a complete list of offerings, click on the button below.