Testimony re: The Value of Shadowlands

Grief is love with no place to go. If we love deeply, we grieve deeply. The out of control feeling of loss can be overwhelming and all consuming. Yet, even through we did not have a choice regarding grief, we do have a choice about how to grieve. I chose to grieve openly and with loving support during my darkest season of loss when I joined Shadowlands grief recovery program housed in my church and open to everyone in the surround communities. Working through the materials, with others who had experienced an intensely personal loss, enables me to manage grief as well as an experience an openness within the group to share our sorrow and support one another. It just felt good to have somewhere to go where I could freely express myself, even cry, once a week. Shadowlands kept me afloat my first year of grieving. It was my weekly booster shoot. Shadowlands helped me in my time of need. My journey through the grieving process is not yet complete, but the tools I have now help to mend my heart.

Testimony re: Healing Through Shadowlands

I lost my daughter right after she turned twenty-one in 2016. A parent should never have to bury their child. I felt broken and truly thought I would die of a broken heart. Through the support and love of Sharon Fox intruding me to Shadowlands Group, I am healing. I needed support from the other people in the group. We talked about our loved ones, we cried, we laughed and we prayer together. Grieving is a painful process. I had to learn to ask for help and trust in God. I know I can always go back to Shadowlands if I need to.

Testimony re: Support through Shadowlands

I had the opportunity to be a part of a Shadowlands class twice. The first was for learning as an aid in ministry. The second was in January 2020 after the passing of my husband in December. My daughter and I shared the experience. The material was well organized and encouraging as I worked through the raw grief. Our time of sharing was supportive. I enjoyed the exercises as they allowed me to reflect and bring awareness to my emotional state. Each session is designed to guide you through your grief step by step. If you do the work, you will find that you have made the first step toward healing and hope. I encourage anyone to take Shadowlands. I have even found it helpful to go back over it at times for encouragement and strength. The knowledge and experience of the leadership is restorative and life giving.

From JFW

It really is so good hearing from you at such a time as this when I am putting into practice a lot of what I learned from you! We recently experienced the sudden loss of a member of our team that is working with children (6-12) who have some behavioral issues. We knew that the children would be severely affected by this loss as they had developed a great relationship with her. The other members asked me to lead the session with their support to break the news to the children. I was so grateful to God for allowing me to have had the privilege of your instruction, especially the section “What Adults should know about Child Grief.” I see His purpose now in what has gone before and acknowledged His purpose in my life. This is my testimony and also my acknowledgement of you as God’s servant. The session was on the exact anniversary of my son’s death. Hallelujah! Abundant Blessings, 

From FJM

I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you what a blessing Shadowlands has been to me and my church. When I agreed to do this, it was really out of support for Michelle Briggs and to facilitate her passions. I really wasn’t sure how the class would go over. It has been such a blessing. It’s been a blessing to see people process their grief. I’m so thankful I said yes. I know I was hit or miss on your Zoom class, but it was great to see how you lead the course and how it’s meant to lay out. I’ve been talking about this class with some of my peers, and now another church in our diocese wants to introduce the course in their congregation! So once again, thank you!