Shadowlands: Grief Recovery


Shadowlands is a six-session program either in-person or online that provides a Christian perspective on the journey from loss to a restored sense of peace and joy.

In the context of a safe, confidential small group, you will learn about God’s model of grieving, coping skills for difficult emotions, and insights into the effects of a loss on all areas of life. Loss is experienced in many forms: Death of a loved one, end of a relationship, job loss, life-changing illnesses, adoption choice, abortion or suicide.

Shadowlands has been used for over twenty-five years at a large church in Plano, TX as the centerpiece of its in-house grief recovery ministry. Through Brave Penny, national and global availability to Shadowlands has been expanded through periodic Zoom-based programs led by Sharon Fox, and by licensing of the Shadowlands program to churches and organizations throughout North America.

What is Grief?

  • The conflict between what we want and the reality of what we have
  • The desire to change yesterday when that is not possible

What is Recovery?

  • Learning to live a “new normal”
  • A choice you make
  • It takes time and effort and does not come with a “how to” book

Brave Penny delivers the Shadowlands program in three forms.

  • IN-PERSON at Christ Church Plano in Plano, TX (4550 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024)
  • An ONLINE ZOOM-based version for individuals who are remote from in-person sessions, or
  • A LICENSING AGREEMENT with churches or other grief support organizations wanting to develop an in-house capability to deliver the program with their own staff on an on-going basis to their own congregation or clients.

Online Shadowlands for Individuals (via Zoom)

Brave Penny Founder and Executive Director, Sharon Fox, delivers a Zoom-based online class at various intervals.

A participant manual is required for attendance to any Shadowlands session. The manual can be downloaded (at no cost) for personal printing, or if you prefer to have a manual mailed to you, the cost is $50, which covers the cost of the manual plus shipping.

Payment and registration must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the session, to ensure arrival prior to the start date. Note: Each class runs for 6 weeks so choose the day of the week and time that works best for you.

Current Schedule (Registration deadline is August 14)

  • Zoom: Aug 27 – Oct 1 (6:00-8:00 PM Central TIme)
  • Zoom: Aug 27 – Oct 1 (2:00-4:00 PM Central TIme)

Participants Manuals must be shipped by August 15th for the Zoom sessions. Registration deadline is August 14th.

In-Person Shadowlands for Individuals (at Christ Church, Plano)

The in-person Shadowlands program is normally given two times each year and is held at Christ Church Plano, Plano Texas (4550 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024). A participant manual is mandatory for these sessions as well and may be picked up prior to the class at the Christ Church Ministry Center. Alternatively, you can pick up your manual at the first session held at Christ Church. The church underwrites the cost of the participant’s manual for church members allowing this program to be offered at no cost to the attendee.

Current Schedule (Registration deadline is August 14)

  • Aug 28 – Oct 2 (6:30-8:30 PM Central Time)

Participants Manuals will be distributed through the church office or at the first session on Aug 28th.

Shadowlands Licensing for Groups

Grief support is often a forgotten ministry in churches and in organizations that minister to survivors or victims of loss. Yet, grief never fails to show up in the life of every human being. Too often, it is ignored with the hope that the ones who are struggling will get over the sadness, and somehow be back to normal soon. This response is usually due to the support person or group simply not knowing what to say or how to help. The materials presented in Shadowlands can be the resource to fill this gap.

Shadowlands is available under a licensing agreement which allows the licensee to receive electronic versions of the Participant’s Manual and Leader’s Guide which licensee is authorized to reproduce for the agreement-defined purposes. Licensing fees are based on the size or membership of the church or organization.

Leadership of the team delivering Shadowlands at their organization must attend a six-week Shadowlands training program prior to licensing.