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Grieving Miscarriage – Infant, Child Loss

The video provides a broad understanding of the sacred loss of an infant or child. Nikki Turners shares her gripping, personal story about Nehemiah, her stillborn son.

For parents who have experienced the death of a child, this video offers a Christian perspective for coping with such a tragic loss. Whether death occurs a few weeks after conception or later in adulthood, God fully understands the pain that accompanies the death of a child. His Son, Jesus, died too.

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Grieving Suicide – Understanding the Impact of Suicide

Death by suicide creates vastly different emotional reactions from those encountered when death occurs at the end of natural life. Two elements measure the impact of death on a survivor. Suddenness and the intensity of the emotional connections to the deceased. Violent suicides intensify the emotional impact on survivors., leaving confusion and disquiet for the griever.

Paul Jones, a parent of a suicidal youth, shares his personal experience.

In addition, the video provides an original take on death by delving into God's grieving process. Understanding the grieving process can help individuals find contentment after a suicide.

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Shadowlands: Grief Recovery

Shadowlands is a six-session program (in-person or online) that provides a Christian perspective on the journey from loss to a restored sense of peace and joy.

In the context of a safe, confidential small group, you will learn about God’s model of grieving, coping skills for difficult emotions, and insights into the effects of a loss on all areas of life. Loss is experienced in many forms: Death of a loved one, end of a relationship, job loss, life-changing illnesses, adoption choice, abortion or suicide.

Shadowlands has been used for over twenty-five years at a large church in Plano, TX as the centerpiece of its in-house grief recovery ministry. Through Brave Penny, national and global availability to Shadowlands has been expanded through periodic Zoom-based programs led by Sharon Fox, and by licensing of the Shadowlands program to churches and organizations throughout North America.

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Ten Things to Know About Grieving – Coping Skills for the One Who Grieves

Brave Penny offers a Christ-centered program for coping with grief. Penny presents purposeful action steps to help the one who grieves regain a measure of control over the painful emotions that have disrupted their life.

In this presentation, Brave Penny introduces a unique perspective on understanding loss through God's Model of Grieving. The pattern God uses for grieving can be a valuable guide for coping with any loss or grief. Through following God's example, one can rediscover contentment and purpose.


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Brave Penny's 10th Year Anniversary Presentation (2023)

The presentation showcases the ministry's achievements in helping grieving individuals from many types of losses during the past decade. The nonprofit's supporters discovered how God has expanded the ministry and brought hope and healing to grieving individuals nationwide and globally.

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