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Brave Penny's 10th Year Anniversary Presentation (2023)

Brave Penny just celebrated 10 years as a nonprofit in 2023, and we wanted to share this overview with all of our supporters. You will see some of the ways God has grown our ministry and provided hope and healing for more and more people who experience grief.

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Grieving Miscarriage – Infant, Child Loss

This presentation is a part of a trilogy of Christian programs offered by Brave Penny. In this video, Sharon Fox provides a broad understanding of the difficult and sacred loss of a child or infant. Nikki Turners shares her gripping, personal story about her stillborn son, Nehemiah.

For parents who have experienced the death of a child or infant, this Christian perspective of such a tragic loss offers comfort. Whether death occurs a few weeks after conception or later in adulthood, God fully understands the pain that accompanies the death of a child. His Son, Jesus, died too.

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Grieving Suicide – Understanding the Impact of Suicide
The emotions experienced at the end of a natural death are vastly different from those encountered in death by suicide, which usually is both sudden and violent in nature. Suicide in any form initiates an especially complex, end-of-life grief response for the survivors; and begins a very difficult journey to grief recovery.

Brave Penny is sincerely honored to present this Christian-based video to those who grieve the loss of a loved one when suicide has been chosen.

Paul Jones, as the parent of a child victim of suicide, shares his personal experience. Sharon Fox presents several key factors about this special kind of loss, with the hope of bringing a better understanding of the emotional overload that accompanies suicide.

Sharon provides a unique perspective on loss as she explains God’s model of grieving and how it provides a valuable pattern for not only surviving a loss event, but also for living in contentment afterward.

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Ten Things to Know About Grieving – Coping Skills for the One Who Grieves
Brave Penny presents a Christ-centered program to support all those who are searching for useful coping skills after experiencing a profound grief event. Purposeful action steps are presented to help the one who grieves to regain a measure of control over the painful emotions that have disrupted their life.

Brave Penny also offers, in this presentation, a unique approach to understanding loss by explaining God’s Model of Grieving. God’s approach to grieving provides a valuable pattern to follow in surviving any loss or grief event. Following God’s example, one discovers how to once again, live in contentment with a renewed sense of purpose.

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