Reframing Adoption

Inspired by a birthmother who searched for material about the unique grief experience of mothers who had chosen to gift their child through adoption to another family, Reframing Adoption addresses the biblical grief model that is applicable to not only the brave choice of adoption but to all type of loss.

Using the story of Moses as an example of open adoption the birth mother can trust with confidence that God blesses those decision to chose life. Even when the decision is so right, the grief experience is still painful and confusing. It is our prayer that those that read Reframing Adoption will move from the darkness and often shame to a sense of contentment and peace.

Included in the book are quotes from birthmothers, information of the processing of loss by the birth family (birth father, grandparents and other siblings) as well as poetry and information on coping skills.

Reframing is available in paper and electronic versions in both English and Spanish.

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A Precious Loss

A Precious Loss was written for families who have experienced miscarriage, SIDS and Stillbirth. It is designed to provide insight into the grief process and offers suggestion for concrete coping methods which will lead to contentment.

Miscarriage is a private loss which often is unrecognized by others.  The grief is as profound as any type of loss but is often unacknowledged by others due to the nature of the loss.

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